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About the Game

What Goes Around is a puzzle-platformer where you play as I.N.D.I.E, a small robot who can rotate his environment. When the I.N.D.I. E wakes up, he finds himself in a scrapyard and is far away from his home and his best friend. His antenna breaks and finds a new one close to the entrance of a mountain scrap. When he goes to pick up the antenna, he trips on a piece of scrap metal and falls in the cave. Now, I.N.D.I.E must journey through the caves and the scrapyard into the city to find his friend again.


W (twice)Jump(starts turn mechanic)
AMove Left
DMove Right

Future Plans
This prototype was developed in GameMaker and the art assets were created in Marmoset Hexels. It has 8 levels and is in the very early stages of development but I hope to expand on this and turn it into a full game in the future.


What Goes Around 6 MB


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Cool prototype. There were a few instances where I died despite being close to a wall/item but overall I like the mechanic and how you can switch so fast. Looking forward to updates. :) 

Thank you very much for the feedback! I’m thinking of moving the next prototype to Unity because I think it’ll be easier to make the collisions more accurate and hopefully it’ll be a lot easier to make some of the new features I wanna add :)

Sweet, I look forward to bringing I.N.D.I.E back home. :)