A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game jam entry for the GamesPlusJam #1 - it was made in 3 days


The time crystal has always been the force that keeps the linear timeline stable but after thousands of years, the crystal has been hit by a meteor and broken into hundreds of pieces! As leader of the Time Squad, Ava, you must venture to unknown planets and get back the crystals to fix time itself.  Be careful when you pick up the crystal; your timeline gets disrupted and creates a crack in time.  Stay close to your past self or get lost in time!


  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Ctrl - Crouch
  • E - Interact with objects

Programs Used

  • Game Engine - Unity
  • Art and Animation - Marmoset Hexels 3


Update 21/02/18 - Parallax bug on <144Hz monitors and lower resolutions fixed.


Time_Squad.zip 16 MB

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